Kung Fu

Kung Fu

All the things about Kung fu I am pretty sure you have watched Kung fu Panda before? It is one of the most popular movies that are loved by so many people all over the world. It is of course related to Kung fu that is performed by Po and friends in order to fight their enemies. There are so many great Kung fu movements that look so great and it makes so many people interested in learning Kung fu. Besides that, after watched the movies, I am sure most people come to make a little research about Kung fu on the internet. You can find some information about Kung fu anyway since so many authors wrote about it. If you want to know more about it too then let’s move to the part where we will discuss about Kung fu. We all know that Kung fu comes from China, but only some people know about the history of it. For your information, Chinese refers Kung fu learning or practice that requires energy, patience and also time. Meanwhile, the original meaning can refer to the skills that you can achieve through your hard work practice from the master. That is the reason why Po can perform such amazing skill because he learned more and improved his skills by the help from his master. It is a great thing to come directly to China in order to learn Kung fu but if you want to learn by yourself, I am pretty sure even if you are not living in China, you will find the schools or courses that offer the lessons. In addition, there are so many movies that you can watch about Kung fu. There is no doubt that the existence of Kung fu is so crucial in life since you can use it as a way to protect yourself.


A useful information about Wushu There are so many people that choose Wushu as one of their hobbies and it leads some of them to the competitions anyway. You probably so familiar with Wushu yet there is no specific information about it that you have in your mind, is it right? So, when you want to know more about Wushu, you are in the right track! We are going to learn about it here. By the way, when it comes to Wushu, we cannot find other words than China. Yes, this full-contact sport derived from the traditional Chinese martial arts. In 1949 it was developed in China, the terms of it are “martial arts”. Nowadays people get to know about Wushu since it becomes an international sport and there is also the federation of it called International Wushu Federation or IWUF. If you are interested in learning Wushu then you cannot miss a big chance to join the World Wushu Championship that is held every two years. For your information, Wushu evens are performed using individual routines in competition and also compulsory ones. Talking about compulsory routines, it means you have to perform based on the routines that have been created for athletes so you will perform the same things just like the other athletes. Meanwhile, individual routines are the ones that you have created with your coach. There are certain difficulty levels that are used as the rules. So, when you plan to be an athlete then you will get to learn some routines that mentioned above. It is a great thing to add your achievement in sports field. I do think it is kind of easy to find the places that offer Wushu lessons out there, you do not have to go to China right away to get a lesson, and so what is your decision?

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